How to save important messages in Yahoo Mail

    Yahoo is integral mail platform for many users as it brings in useful mail oriented applications for its users. Yahoo is a suitable platform for users from last many years. Many other applications can also be availed on yahoo mail account which are all quite easy to use but in case of issues contact yahoo customer service number for help.

    The users who use yahoo as their primary email address, usually face an issue of getting their inboxes getting full quickly and losing the track of their important messages.

    To overcome this issues, yahoo provides its users with two options or facilities –

    • Archiving the emails
    • Starring the emails

    For both the procedures, you have to first log in to your yahoo account by entering the credentials required.

    Then you need to go to the home page by clicking on the ‘Mail’ option on the upper right corner of the page.

    How to archive messages in yahoo?

    ‘Archive’ in yahoo mail is a storage of huge storage pool where you can store a lot of your emails or messages that you wish to hold onto and do not want them to be visible in your inbox. Any message that is archived, wouldn’t appear in your inbox but would be safely tucked into the archive section of yahoo mail. The archive button is found in your main options panel at the top of your inbox/message view screen.

    After you archive the message, you can undo it. When you need to read that email, you need to look for it in the archived section. For help to the same contact yahoo phone number.

    How to star messages in Yahoo Mail?

    It is the second way of saving messages in yahoo mail which works in a little different way from archiving. Some messages are important as they need immediate or urgent attention or action so they cannot be moved to the archive folder. Hence, starring is a better option for such messages.

    You can do so by –

    • Selecting the message then clicking on ‘More’ and select ‘Star’ from the dropdown menu.
    • Hover the cursor on the important email and directly click on the star option there.

    If you feel this is creating issues for you and you need to obtain easy help for the same, you may contact yahoo helpline number for help.


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